Dental Instruments

Dental Instruments by PDT Dental Technologies

You have to try PDT instruments to become a believer!

We have worked with Paradise Dental Technologies since they started in a two car garage in the year 2000. The instruments are the lightest in the industry delivering superior tactile sense. Working directly with clinicians in order to create dental instruments with a focus on innovative design, ergonomic handles, and high-quality metallurgy. PDT dental instruments not only improve patient comfort and outcomes, but also protect clinician health by reducing the development of musculoskeletal disorders.  They have a knarled grip right down to the tip for a good grip even with gloves on, and because of a cryogenically developed steel –they hold their edges 3.5 times longer than traditional instruments!!! Scalers & Curettes, Surgical, Restorative, Implant, and Diagnostic instruments.  You have got to try these.